Hey there, I’m Amy, as you probably already guessed.

I spent 20 years working 12+ hour days in corporate America before I took the leap to build my own 6 figure business shortly after my daughter went off to college. I had way too much time on my hands. I wanted something more out of life, something different. I jumped at the chance to own my own mobile fashion boutique. After 20 years working in computers and health care it was quite a switch.

A strange thing happened as I entered my 40s. The fearless bravery of my youth was slowly, subtly being replaced by thoughts of inadequacy. Did I really have what it took to own my own business? What if they find out I’m out here winging it? Having worked in leadership roles in corporate America for years, most days I knew deep down I had what it took to be my own boss. I had to work on facing my fears. I had to reach inside and find that internal inspiration and bravery. In doing so, I found, that I loved the opportunity to help other women find their own strengths. To explore new opportunities and be the person they knew they could be before their kids, career and life put those dreams on the back burner.

You know what I’m talking about, right? You feel like you could do more with your life, but you don’t know what that more is. Your children need you less and less, but you’ve spent years putting your dreams on the back burner. At this point you aren’t sure if you even have what it takes to pursue your dreams or what those dreams even are. You do!

How do I know? As I said, I have been in your shoes. I too spent years raising children to be independent successful humans. Like you, I’ve traversed more than one career change and come out the other side. I’ve built successful freelance programming, boutique and coaching businesses. And most importantly, I know you never let go of those dreams.

At Inspired Bravery I work with women looking to reconnect with the brave, amazing woman inside of themselves. I inspire small business owners to reach for their dreams. I will show you how to find your unique voice and pursue your dreams.