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Enforce Happy Hour

Don’t Be a “Dull Boy”

You know that old saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? Never mind, that Jack totally would be insulted in the 21st century if you called him a “boy”. The adage holds true. But maybe not in the sense you think. Yeah, Jack’s buddies may give him a hard time for not hitting happy hour because he works too many late nights, but that isn’t what I mean. You see, the real problem is that when you allow work and home life to bleed into each other, you are much more likely to feel stress. Stress creates cortisol in your body.

work life balance, stress, overwhelm, happy hour, relax

Cortisol is proven to interfere with learning and memory.

You may think that when you are over there working your home-based business and cooking supper at the same time, or sending one more follow up email while the kids read their homework to you that you are multitasking. In reality, you are blending your work and home life so that neither is getting your full attention. The stress induced cortisol is dulling your thinking. And you no longer have the capacity for the rational thought needed to stay tough and work through the challenges of business life.

Happy Hour Can Cure Stress

In order to be at your best in both your work and home life, you must stop working at a certain point in the day. You have to shift gears from business woman to wife/mother/human being. Make a conscious effort to leave work at work. Even if that means walk from your dining room to your living room. Put down your phone and watch Netflix with your husband for an hour. Eat grilled cheese with your kids and listen to their stories from the day. Relax.

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You are a person who has more to offer the world than your product or services. Use this downtime to recharge your batteries. Both mental and physical. Be present with your family. They will appreciate you more for it. And your business acumen will improve too!

So, whether you spend your downtime with olives or without, you are a better business person when you have a clear delineation between work and home life. Enforce your own version of Happy Hour and you will see you are a better person, too.

What is your favorite family relaxation activity?

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