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You Don’t Have to Feel Like a Used Car Salesman to Sell Successfully

You Don’t Have to Feel Like a Used Car Salesman to Sell Successfully

You know you have a great product or service to offer. You believe it with your heart and soul. And yet you hesitate to “sell” to anyone. You don’t want to be pushy. You don’t want your customers to feel pressured. So, you find yourself not offering people the opportunity to work with you or buy from you more and more. But this isn’t fair to your potential customers and clients. You know your product or service has value, why would you deny that to anyone who could use it.

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Shift Your Thinking

A simple mindset shift from imposition to value will take you from “used car salesman” status to invaluable businessperson. Remember, you KNOW your service has value. Change your focus from selling to everyone to helping one person. Think about it. What if you met the one person your product or service would benefit today and you didn’t say anything. You’re standing there. You know you can help. And you stay silent because you don’t want to feel “icky” trying to sell to them. And then they walk away. You missed your opportunity to help that person.

What if, instead, you saw that one person who could benefit from your product. You put a smile on your face and let them know how you can provide them with a solution to their problem. You now have the opportunity to work with them without the ick factor. And they will be genuinely happy to listen to what you say. Even better, this mindset shift will give you the confidence to continue sharing the value of your product or service to other people you meet.

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Give Yourself Grace

Remember, as with all mindset shifts, your brain gets comfortable in its rut that keeps you from making changes and trying new things. That means you need to give yourself grace as you learn this new focus on how your product will benefit other people. When you feel yourself hesitating to speak up with your valuable offering, mark the moment internally. Acknowledge that this is a new way of thinking and push through. The next time it will be even easier.

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